L'EPARGNE famille C'EST...

A revaluation rate of 1.5%

A minimum monthly premium of 30,000 FCFA

A minimum duration before withdrawal of 06 months

Back to school, holidays, car, wedding, layettes… set aside for all short and medium term family projects!


EPARGNE FAMILLE contract allows you to build up capital in order to plan expenses mainly related to back to school and any other short or medium term project. The total premiums paid are revalued at 1.5% per year. In the event of death or total and permanent disability, a lump sum equal to the aggregate of the revalued payments will be paid to the beneficiary.

You can do it in 5 min on our platform. If necessary a customer advisor can help you (by email or telephone/WhatsApp). No medical form is required. You can pay your premiums in cash at one of our agencies or by Mobile Money directly on the platform via your previously created account.

The contract takes effect after payment of the first premium. The effective date is specified in the special conditions of the contract. The duration of the contract is decided when signing the proposal. The recommended minimum duration is 02 years and the maximum duration is 15 years. This contract provides for automatic annual renewal upon expiry.

After 06 months of contract, you can have access to your capital by a simple request by mail. No redemption fees are applied.

The payment of the revalued savings is made within 48 hours after submission of the supporting documents required for payment. The same deadline must be observed for the payment of the surrender value.

The contract is funded by monthly installments with a minimum of 30,000 FCFA per month and no aggregate indemnity policy. It is possible to make additional payments at any time.

The savings are made up of all the payments revalued on the basis of an annual interest rate of 1.5% and the guaranteed capital is therefore equal to the total of the revalued payments.

All the loadings are null, that is to say:

  • Fees on payments: set at 0% of payments (commercial premium),
  • Fees on outstandings: set at 0% of outstandings for the previous year.
  • Fees on partial or total redemption: 0%


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